John Tozer - Consulting Engineer Pty Ltd provide specialist structural engineering designs, where we always strive to achieve what the Client and Architectural Designer are seeking.  Most projects can be completed within two to three weeks, or 4 to 6 weeks for large projects
We also undertake structural engineering reports including expert witness evidence.  All our expert witness reports to date have been accepted by the courts as valid and we have been quoted in university ethics courses and also complete Project Redesigns   
Many people think that all engineers will come up with the same result for any project.  This is not correct.  Different engineers develop quite different designs and drawings for the same project and the costs to build these different designs can vary significantly.  In some cases by thousands of dollars.
Choosing a Structural Engineer explains why you should chose a specialist structural engineer to design the structural engineering component of your building, as opposed to engineers who do both structural and civil engineering.  Two broad and widely varying fields.

Why not try our Project Redesign option to save yourself some money if your building quotes seem excessive?  

We currently have an experienced Structural Engineer in Coffs Harbour available to do site visits and reviews


John Tozer completed a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in 1981 and has been a structural engineer in Coffs Harbour and Brisbane since 1982 and principal of his own consulting engineering practice – John Tozer – Consulting Engineer Pty Ltd since 1985.  Projects undertaken since then encompass a wide variety of construction including Residential,  Multi-storey Units, Educational Facilities,  Retail Developments,  Office Complexes,  Food Processing Factories,  National Parks and Forestry Viewing Platforms and Towers,  Bridges,  Water Tanks,  Swimming Pools,  Artificial Surfing Facilities,  Expert Witness Reports and Redesigns,  as well as substantial Light Fitting Installations and Waterslides,  worldwide
For more information please see John's curriculum vitae here.


John Tozer - Consulting Engineer Pty Ltd 
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